Michael Keaton Confirmed as Batman for Another DC Movie

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Michael Keaton has signed multiple Batman movie deals to reprise his beloved portrayal of the character. Michael Keaton appeared in a listing recently as a Batgirl actor. It was mostly speculation, but fans were convinced that Michael Keaton would return for the upcoming The Flash movie.

It was revealed to be true.

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Michael Keaton Batman

Hollywood Reporter tweeted about Michael Keaton playing Batman in the upcoming film Batgirl. In a tweet, Leslie Grace, the actress playing Batgirl, said, "the bat's out the bag."

Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman puts even more pressure on Leslie Grace to portray Batgirl as fans remember her. Grace has spent a lot of time learning the character. Even though it was only her second main role, she was able to play the great heroine, Barbara Gordon, and that's a lot of pressure.

We expect Batman to be similar to Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming. More of a father figure/supervisor than an active participant. Like all of the Robins, Batgirl is more than capable of handling crime independently. We all hope to see Batgirl demonstrate how skilled she is before becoming Oracle.

Ben Affleck's Batman
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Credit: Warner Bros.
Ben Affleck's Batman

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While many people expected Ben Affleck to play Batman, I think Michael Keaton's casting is a massive win for the production.

How do you feel about this revelation? Did you expect Ben Affleck to get the role, or were you hoping Michael Keaton would get it?

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