Civilization VII Hinted At By Firaxis Job Listing

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Civilization 7 has long been rumoured, but a new job listing at developer Firaxis has suggested that it may be in development.

A pair of new roles, "Narrative Lead" and "Environment Artist", have appeared on the famous developer's jobs website (thanks, PCGamesN).


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Civilization VII Hinted At By Firaxis Job Listing

While Firaxis is also being responsible for the XCOM franchise, it's this key line that suggests the Narrative Lead role is tied to Civilization:

Nice to haves: "knowledge and passion for history"

On the other hand, the job post for the Environment Artist position features the following line, which feels pretty self-explanatory:

Firaxis Games is looking for an exceptionally skilled Environment Artist to help take the team that brought you Civilization VI to the next level.

There's a chance that the game is some way off, with two key positions being filled, but there's still plenty to look forward to from Firaxis in the interim.


For one, reports have suggested the team is working on a turn-based strategy title that follows the XCOM template, only it'll be set in the Marvel universe. The project, Codename CODA, is expected to be revealed later this month.