Marvel XCOM Game Rumored To Be Revealed This Month

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From Insomniac Games' Spiderman to Marvel's The Avengers, the comic book property continues to establish its presence in the gaming space.

With Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy yet to come, another title based on the iconic establishment may be releasing very soon.

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Marvel XCOM Game Rumored To Be Revealed This Month

Take-Two held its Q1 2022 earnings call recently, reviewing Grand Theft Auto V's success as it has shipped 150 million copies worldwide.

As well as revealing the publisher's trajectory towards revamping its output of games, a new franchise is set to be unveiled before the end of August.

This has led to the resurfacing of a prior rumour from before E3 which suggested that this title could be an XCOM game based within the Marvel universe.

The rumor implies that this forthcoming game would entail turn-based action with Marvel characters and will involve a cast of high-profile voice actors.


The aforementioned announcement is unlikely to be "Codename Volt", as the rumour states that this game could be some way off.

However, this news remains a rumor so the upcoming reveal could very well not be a Marvel XCOM title. Either way, we will find out what Take-Two's new game will entail before the end of this month.