XCOM 3 - Release date speculation, latest news, trailer, and everything we know

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Image of a globe projection in XCOM.

It's been over five years since XCOM 2 first released, and fans are understandably curious to know when the next entry's coming. XCOM: Chimera Squad arrived last year as a spinoff, but we've yet to see a fully-fledged sequel under XCOM 3.

While Firaxis Games has begun working on Marvel's Midnight Suns, could there be a potential third main entry for the renowned strategy franchise? Here's what we've seen so far.


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Latest news

Firaxis hasn't officially announced any details regarding XCOM 3. However, during September, the NVIDIA GeForce Now database featured an unnamed and unannounced XCOM game. NVIDIA confirmed that while the list was legit, some of those were just speculated and rumoured titles. Nothing has been confirmed yet, and Firaxis did not issue any comment.

Release date speculation

Right now, there are no details yet about a potential release date. Job listings posted by Firaxis in 2019 suggested including the worldbuilder position to “take the XCOM franchise to the next level,” though it's unclear if that's for a possible sequel or Chimera Squad.


However, the chances are that Firaxis has yet to wholly focus on any sort of XCOM continuation. Their current game in development is Marvel's Midnight Suns, which was recently delayed from its October 2022 release date to early 2023. If more work is clearly needed on that title, the chances are that XCOM 3 is still a way off.


There's no XCOM 3 trailer available yet, but here's the latest XCOM 2 Collection trailer for Nintendo Switch, which was released last year:


We'll keep this updated as we hear more.