Xbox Series X/S Developers Can Now Utilise AMD’s FidelityFX Tools

It was already known that Xbox Series X holds a small power advantage over the PS5, but thanks to a new collaboration between Microsoft and AMD, that gap could soon widen.

Confirmed during Microsoft’s Game Stack Live event yesterday, developers with Xbox Series X|S development kits now have access to AMD’s FidelityFX toolkit, letting them optimise performance even further for Windows and Xbox.

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Xbox Series X/S Developers Can Now Utilise AMD’s FidelityFX Tools

Speaking after Microsoft's reveal, AMD released this statement: “This development is very exciting to all at AMD who have worked to deliver these effects into the hands of even more developers, and we will continue to strive for our highly optimized effects to be at the forefront of cross-platform game development.”

"Xbox Game Developers interested in getting started with AMD FidelityFX can do so with the latest Game Development Kit (GDK), where samples for Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, Variable Shading, and Raytraced Shadow Denoiser technologies are available.”

Allowing for sharper visuals, optimised rendering and increased ray-tracing quality, it achieves this with minimal impact on performance. If you want to see this directly, you can check out the video above, and this toolkit is already supported in Hitman 2, Borderlands 3 and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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