Microsoft Won't Be Buying Discord, Talks Ended

Despite reports last month that Microsoft was interested in buying Discord, it appears that the latter company won't be selling after all.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there were multiple offers to purchase the popular chat application, with one of those confirmed to be from Microsoft.

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Microsoft Won't Be Buying Discord, Talks Ended

According to the outlet's sources, Discord is considering a "potential initial public offering" at a later date, and Microsoft could be interested in returning to the negotiating table in the future.

Discord reportedly “fielded interest from at least three companies about a deal,” but it'll remain independent for now.

Discord currently has over 140 million monthly active users across gaming and non-gaming spaces.

Microsoft reportedly offered a staggering $10 billion for the company, just months after securing Zenimax (and Bethesda Game Studios) for $7.5 billion.

The conversation in March was allegedly "an exclusive acquisition discussion".

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