Xbox Series X Can Now Play Some PC Games With Mouse and Keyboard

Xbox Insiders, the platform's alpha and beta testers, currently have access to the new Microsoft Edge browser on console, and it's opened up a whole realm of possibilities.

As noted by Tom Warren of The Verge, the newly added mouse and keyboard support has allowed for PC games to be streamed and controlled via the Browser from Steam.

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Xbox Series X Can Now Play Some PC Games With Mouse and Keyboard

Check out Warren's video below:

As you can see, he uses an app called Parsec to stream them. Despite some issues with latency (and a bug that causes the on-screen keyboard to appear), it's clear that streaming it to the console does work.

You can find out more about Parsec here.

Despite previously running on the Xbox, it appears the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser has stopped working with NVIDIA's GeForce Now game streaming platform.

Presumably, it'll also work to the same level on the Xbox Series S.

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