PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller For Xbox Series X|S Review

When it comes to modern controllers, Microsoft's Xbox Series option is a refined choice. There's a good weight to it and the button layout is carefully considered, but it's not cheap. Retailing for £54.99 - more if you go via Design Labs, and that's without even considering an Elite - PowerA's brought us several alternatives over time.

Following on from their Fusion Pro 2 and Enhanced Wired Controllers, they've just launched the Spectra Infinity, boasting similar functionality to the Enhanced range but with several adjustments. While it's not an essential upgrade if you've already got an Enhanced, there's a solid alternative here for those looking to cover Player 2.

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Light It Up

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If you're unfamiliar with PowerA's wider Xbox lineup, they make several additions to Microsoft's existing design. Leaving essential buttons untouched, players can adjust headset volumes through a "headset dial" between the D-Pad and right joystick, pushing it down to mute. They also use a "diamond textured grip", which, in my opinion, felt nicer than Microsoft's standard Xbox controller.

As you've likely seen, Spectra Infinity's most prominent feature is the new RGB lighting scheme. Activated by pressing the "LEDS" button, colours range between White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Aqua, Blue, and Purple. You can also choose between 3 lighting zones across this controller, allowing for some welcome visual customisation.

So Many Buttons

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Elsewhere, Spectra Infinity includes two "advanced gaming buttons" around the controller grips. Both buttons are mappable, and to activate this, you'll need to hold the program button for two seconds, select which gaming button you wish to assign, and then choose the relevant AGB. It's easy to setup and proved useful during FPS games, allowing for some nice control customisation.

However, it's worth considering what this controller offers alongside PowerA's previous options. Admittedly, Spectra Infinity lacks the wider thrills of a Fusion Pro 2 by removing rubberised grips, anti-friction rings and other small perks, but when it's also half the price, you can't really argue against this.

Visually, Spectra Infinity's an appealing choice too and matched my PC setup nicely, though, at £39.99, that's £10 extra for a wired controller with RGB lighting. Thankfully, much like the Fusion Pro 2, Spectra Infinity also includes 3-way trigger locks designed for more precise gameplay, making this less of a cosmetic upgrade.


For anyone looking at a new Xbox Series or PC gaming controller, you'll find a suitable option with Spectra Infinity. There are some great quality-of-life additions, it felt comfortable in my hands and offered pleasing RGB visuals we don't often see outside of mice and keyboards. While I do wish there was a wireless option available, at £39.99, it's a good mid-range controller that comes recommended.


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