Xbox Design Lab Returns For Creating Your Own Xbox Series Controllers

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Last year, Microsoft temporarily suspended their Xbox Design Lab in preparation for the Xbox Series X|S launch. Allowing you to design your own custom controller for the Xbox One, it proved extremely popular and now, they've just relaunched it for their next-gen update.

If you head to the official Xbox Design Lab website, you can build your own controller. There's 18 different colours available, letting you customise the body, back, bumpers, triggers, d-pad, thumbsticks, ABXY button layout and View/Menu/Share buttons.

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Xbox Design Lab Returns For Creating Your Own Xbox Series Controllers

We've seen a lot of people sharing their designs on social media, ranging from fans recreating the Xbox 360 look, developers basing them around their own games. Some have tried creating looks inspired by Yakuza, Cuphead and even Gundam, all showing off great creativity.


This isn't the end, either. Microsoft says these options are "just the beginning", confirming the team will be "developing new processes, testing new materials, and innovating so we can continue to evolve the Xbox Design Lab experience." Available in the US, Canada, and "most" Western European countries, that'll cost $69.99, with an optional engraving available for an extra $9.99.