Seagate and Microsoft Announce New Xbox Series X|S Storage

Microsoft and Seagate are teaming up again to release two new storage card types for Xbox Series X and Series S. The Xbox developer made the announcement in a new Xbox Wire post and provided an overview of size and pricing.

One is a 512GB Xbox storage card that will sell for $139.99 and releases sometime in mid-November, and the second is a 2TB Xbox card will cost $399.99 and launches in early December.

Currently, Seagate produces a 1 TB storage card.

Both new storage cards will function the same as the existing one. You only need to slot it into the system's storage opening for it to work. These are also currently the only expansion options that will deliver Xbox Series X|S performance for the games stored.

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Seagate and Microsoft Announce New Xbox Series X|S Storage

Xbox project manager Pamela Wang said:

"Between Game Pass and four generations of game compatibility on Xbox Series X|S, there are thousands of games to choose from and play. With so many games available, we want to ensure there are also options when it comes to storage capacity and support to expand next-gen storage."

That's not even considering the games currently in development. Rumors say we only know roughly one-third of what Xbox has in store in the next few years, and if that's true, we'll certainly need as much storage as we can get.

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