Fallout: New Vegas Director Seemingly Hints at Xbox Showcase Participation

A promo screenshot for The Outer Worlds.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

While many eyes in the gaming space are focusing on Playstation’s State of Play broadcast set to take place later today, which has already seen its fair share of speculation and hype, others already have their sights set on a different presentation.

Xbox and Bethesda’s games showcase, which is set to take place on June 12, is attracting attention from fans who, having previously attempted to figure out exactly how long its broadcast will last, have now moved on to deducing which games might be seen during that time.

One of the biggest areas of speculation right now surrounds a tweet from Obsidian Entertainment Studio Design Director Josh Sawyer, which many have taken to suggest that the studio might have something in store for the showcase.

Obsidian Entertainment’s Josh Sawyer Hints at Xbox Showcase Participation

Retweeting a post from Xbox Wire reminding people of the showcase’s date, Sawyer simply commented the word “anyway”, followed by a nail painting emoji, which many interpreted as a synonym for the idea of getting ready.

Naturally, this prompted fans to theorise as to which titles Obsidian, which announced the existence of The Outer Worlds 2 via a trailer during 2021’s edition of the showcase, could have planned for it this year.

With a number of different games in the works at Obsidian, narrowing things down isn’t exactly an easy task, but some Reddit users have given it a go.

Some users in a thread on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, believe that the developer could have several trailers in the works, with NfinityBL saying: “Grounded has to get a full release this year, Avowed is one of the games from XGS furthest into development, and Pentiment was allegedly set for this year.”

Of these three options Pentiment seemed to be the one arousing the most intrigue and anticipation in the thread, with the supposedly Disco Elysium-inspired historical RPG already having been connected to Sawyer.

Reddit users are definitely curious about it, with ScubaSteve1219 describing it as looking like “an enticing project” and MMontanez92 adding: “I’m excited to see how it turns out!”

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