Xbox and Bethesda Showcase Surrounded By Conflicting Timing Speculation

Concept are from Bethesda's Starfield.

Several conflicting pieces of speculation continue to swirl around the gaming space regarding just how long the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda showcase will last.

The event, due to take place during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest, is set to last either 90 minutes, more than 90 minutes or less than 90 minutes, depending upon who you choose to believe.

This, naturally, has Reddit users in a frenzy, with theories regarding the magic number easier to come by than a next-gen console in late 2021.

Xbox and Bethesda Showcase Surrounded By Timing Rumours

To begin with, arguably the most credible argument circulating this great mystery at the current time is a Twitter comment from Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager at Xbox Games Marketing.

“We don’t have a final show run time yet. But yes typically we end up close to that 90 mins mark.”, said Greenberg in response to speculation from Idle Sloth, based on the Outlook meeting time scheduled for it, that the showcase would last exactly 90 minutes.

Greenberg also hinted at further updates, saying: “Will keep folks posted as we get closer!”

However, things certainly don’t end there, as several people on Reddit have given Greenberg's comments the cold shoulder in favour of believing a fellow reddit user ToddfieldJune12, who has testified on the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours that the showcase will be over 90 minutes.

Now, before you dismiss this as a simple instance of Reddit being Reddit, one of the other users in the thread reacting to the news pointed out that ToddfieldJune12 apparently has a history of accurate leaks, saying: “Honestly I believe that guy, he not only leaked the Xbox showcase date but also an interview of Todd Howard with Geoff Keighley.”

However, user JuiceHead2 responded to that comment casting doubts over this history, saying: “BGS and Microsoft have had their conferences on the same Sunday for like 5 years straight before Covid. It's not a real leak, just a safe prediction”.

So, it looks like we’re still in the dark as to how long the showcase will last for now.

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