How to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to Xbox Series X

Wireless headphones are mainly equipped with the Bluetooth pairing system which serves as the primary way to connect the device to another Bluetooth-ready device. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds being connected to other devices, but it may not include the Xbox Series X in the list of compatible consoles it can cater to.

But it does not end there actually. Galaxy Buds users can still put up a way how to connect it to the Xbox Series X. They will just need the presence of a separate device.

So browse through this guide to know how to connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to Xbox Series X.

Connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to Xbox Series X via Bluetooth Adapter

The separate device mentioned above is the Bluetooth adapter that can be plugged into your TV’s audio output. The Galaxy Buds would be connected to it first, before being able to connect to the actual Xbox Series X console.

Use the Bluetooth Adapter to connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds to Xbox Series X

You may pair both devices by first making sure that the adapter and the Buds are ready for pairing. Put the Buds in the case and close it. Open it again and it will be good for pairing mode afterward.

The Galaxy Buds and the adapter should now be connected by this time. Enjoy playing your game on the Xbox Series X console while listening to finer game audio brought about by the wireless headphones.

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