Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X: Our Top Picks

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Getting the best hard drive for Xbox Series X actually presents a ton of options to go for, so we're here to help you narrow down your search.

The Series X has a powerful internal SSD that can store your games, however, if you're finding that you're maxing out the available space, you can do two things.

You can go for the Seagate Xbox Series X expansion card, which will essentially act as a second internal SSD, meaning that you can store and play next-gen games from it.

The other choice is that you find an external hard drive (either an SSD or HDD), which will be able to store your Xbox Series X games, but you'll have to transfer them to the internal SSD to play.

Whether you want a brilliant hard drive pick in the WD_BLACK P10 2TB, or you're after oodles of capacity with the Seagate Expansion 6 TB External Hard Drive, or you just want to opt for the official choice with the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, we've got some great options below.

Let'ss get into it!

Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X

Best SSD Mid-range for Xbox Series X: Samsung TZ Touch Portable SSD

Best SSD deal for Xbox Series X
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SPEEDY! Get this super-fast SSD for less!

You can now bag yourself this cracking Samsung SSD for less on Amazon!

This super-fast device is great for games storage and has a fast read speed of 1050 Megabytes per second, akin to some of the best SSD's for gaming available.

And as per usual, Samsung delivers when it comes to design - this is certainly one slick-looking SSD!

Best SSD for Xbox Series X: Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Best SSD for for Xbox Series X
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TICKS ALL THE RIGHT (X)BOXES: Go all in with this powerful add-on

The obvious top contender for Xbox Series X would be the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, however, while it does tick essentially every box, it does have a fairly hefty price tag.

We're not going to dwell on that too much though, because, in reality, this is a pretty amazing piece of gear. 

What you're getting is something that matches up with the internal SSD of the Series X, so you're going to be able to transfer next-gen/ current-gen games easily and play them from the device too. 

Best WD SSD for Xbox Series X: WD_BLACK P50 1TB SSD Game Drive Special Edition

Best WD SSD for Xbox Series X
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SPEED! This SSD certainly packs a punch

This WD 1TB special edition SSD is definitely one for the WD and Call of Duty fans out there.

But remember you'll only be able to store your Xbox Series X games on here. To play them, you'll have to transfer them over to the internal SSD.

Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X 2TB: WD_BLACK P10 2TB Game Drive

Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X
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A BOLD CHOICE: Stylish, sturdy and worthy!

This WD 2TB game drive is a great call if you're looking to get a bit of extra breathing room when it comes to managing your storage.

2TB is a fairly substantial size and should come in handy if you find yourself having to clear space for various heavy updates and downloads.

It has the 'WD Black' design too, which combines durable casing with a stylish black finish, making it a great looking addition to your Xbox Series X.

Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X 6TB: Seagate 6 TB External Hard Drive

Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X
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SERIOUS SPACE: Good luck trying to fill this one!

This Seagate 6TB external hard drive offers a huge amount of storage which should keep you going for some time to come.

It's freestanding, unlike some other hard drives which you have to lay next to your console and like the WD Black range, has a solid, durable look to it.

A good call if you're planning on amassing a substantial gaming library!

Best Hard Drive for Xbox Series X 8TB: WD BLACK D10 8TB Game Drive

Best Hard Drives for Xbox Series X
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HUGE STORAGE: Great for enormous game collections! 

WD make the list again, this time with their substantially sized 8TB Game Drive.

Freestanding, active cooling and with 7200 RPM, this could be a good choice if your storage demands a very high.

It's a premium hard drive and the price tag does just skim the bracket of the Seagate SSD, but if having an enormous amount of storage is important to you, then it looks like it could be a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common questions that crop up when shopping for either an HDD or an SSD for the Xbox Series X. Here are a few answers that can help guide you through the noise.

Should you get an HDD or an SSD for Xbox Series X?

If you want something that transfers games quickly, then go for an SSD. If you want more space for a smaller price tag, then go for an HDD, but you may have to be a little more patient when it comes to speed.

Should you get the Seagate Memory Expansion Card?


It's a fantastic (and super simple) solution to upgrade your internal storage. It's expensive for sure, but you're paying for something that you can 100% guarantee works, plus, it works in the way that you want it to.

if you're spending on an SSD, let's say for a 1TB, you'll likely find one for $100 - $150, but you won't be able to use it in the same way as the internal SSD of the Xbox Series X.

For a one-off purchase, we think it's a good way to go if you have the budget.

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