Do Games Get Removed From Game Pass?

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Xbox Game Pass is often referred to as the Netflix of gaming, as the service gives players a ton of games to play for a monthly or yearly fee.

While Netflix has a number of original shows that won’t be leaving the service, the same doesn’t hold true for Xbox Game Pass as older games are removed over time.

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Do Games Get Removed From Game Pass?

Though games from Game Pass do get removed, subscribers are given the chance to buy titles they like permanently and if they do so as Game Pass members, they will get a nice discount to boot.

Fans don’t need to worry about a game they like getting removed without knowing since a notice will be given to players when the title they’re playing is about to be taken away.

So if you’re enjoying something like Dragon Quest XI and are worried about the game being taken away as you’re making progress, you can relax a little since a warning will be given.

Usually, a game stays on Game Pass for about three months but some games can stay there for a whole year.

It really depends on the publisher, as a number of indie games have actually stayed on Game Pass for a fairly long time, but you shouldn’t take them for granted.

Still, being able to sample so many titles with this service is a joy and the fact that it's available on PC has made Game Pass even more accessible.

You can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass right now, as the service is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, Xbox One, and PC.