Leaked WWE 2K22 Trailer Reveals New Modes & Control Scheme

Back in August, 2K Games promised to unveil more information on WWE 2K22, the latest instalment in the popular wrestling franchise. Fans have been patiently waiting for more news on the game, asking whether it will feature the popular GM Mode and how it has been completely rebuilt to avoid the same fate as 2K20.

The developer stated that news on 2K22's features would be revealed in January 2022, but it appears they couldn't wait after a new trailer was leaked early. Showcasing brand-new modes, an all-new control scheme was unveiled too, changing how the game can be played.

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WWE 2K22 Trailer Leak

WWE 2K22 New Modes Control Scheme Leak
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The trailer made a brief appearance on the WWE 2K YouTube channel before it was quickly taken down. By the time it was removed, several fans managed to get another look at the game, including the addition of a 'Dodge' button. Previous WWE games have had to wait until a reversal icon made an appearance before turning the tide of a match in their favour.

WWE 2K22 Game Modes

Along with some modifications to the control scheme, the trailer also showed several new modes along with an all-new 2K Showcase taking a look at the history of the legendary luchador Rey Mysterio. The modes shown in the trailer include:

  • MyFaction - Creating a stable.
  • MyGM - Running a promotion.
  • MyRise - Creating a player and working through to the top of WWE.
  • Universe Mode - Playing through the existing WWE calendar.
  • Creation Suite

The WWE 2K series typically releases in October or November each year but for 2K22, the game will be released in March 2022 to allow 2K Games to overhaul the engine following the disastrous release of WWE 2K20.

Forbes writer Brian Mazique claims the game has been "completely rebuilt" and the game is "looking fantastic," which is positive news for fans looking forward to its launch.

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