WWE 2K22 Has Been "Completely Rebuilt", According To New Reports

After WWE 2K20's disastrous launch back in 2019, 2K Sports' annual franchise took a hiatus and cancelled last year's expected WWE 2K21 entry. We've since had confirmation that WWE 2K22 is coming and if reports are to be believed, it's "looking fantastic".

Speaking in a recent YouTube stream (spotted by VGC), Forbes writer Brian Mazique claimed he's spoken to people familiar with WWE 2K22's development, stating:

I have actually spoken with people who have good knowledge of the game and understand what’s happening from a developmental standpoint, and what I’m told about gameplay at this point is that it is fantastic. That is actually the word that was used for the latest build. The people who were playing the latest build have said the gameplay is fantastic.

WWE 2K22 Has Been "Completely Rebuilt", According To New Reports

Detailing this further, Mazique does advise that anyone talking about the gameplay is "probably somewhat close to 2K", so take this with some scepticism. However, he did advise that "gameplay engine is completely rebuilt", which is certainly promising after 2K20's large number of bugs.

At this time, we've not been given a release date for 2K22. Scheduled to arrive around Q3/Q4 2022, that's coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We'll keep you informed as we learn more.

Source: VGC via Brian Mazique

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