WoW Shadowlands: Season 2 Mythic+ Affix Tormented Explained

With season 1 nearing its end, it is almost time for Blizzard to shake things up with a new seasonal affix coming in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination.

After mythic+ saw some changes in Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard, and the players both enjoy a mythic+ affix that works as it should by creating an extra layer of difficulty, but also providing a buff to the players.

After reaching a +10 keystone, players will be introduced to a new affix on all keys, and this season we have "Tormented".

WoW Shadowlands: Season 2 Mythic+ Affix Tormented Explained

Upon starting a +10 and above mythic+ keystone, players will now have to deal with four new mini-bosses spread throughout the dungeon.

These Lieutenants each have a unique aura that players will need to prepare for, and if they choose to skip a mini-boss, each Lieutenant left alive will apply their aura to the final boss.

Incinerator Arkolath

This Lieutenant's aura is Soulforge Flames, which applies a damage over time aura during the encounter.

He will also drop a flame patch on the ground and apply a magic debuff on a player that increases fire damage taken, which can be dispelled.

Arkolath's third ability is Inferno, a large AoE ability that hits all players.

Oros Coldheart

Oros Coldheart's unique aura is Chilling Presence, which reduces players movement speed by 50%

This mini-boss will also apply a debuff to a player causing frost damage and pulsing AOE damage around them to all friendly players.

Oros will also fire a Frost Lance in a line in front of him, which players will need to dodge.

Additionally, there will also be ground effect that will need to be dodged throughout the encounter.

Soggodon the Breaker

Soggodon the Breaker, saw a rework with a PTR patch on the 15th of June making the encounter much harder.

His Aura is 50% physical damage taken, making the rest of the encounter harder.

He will crush the tank hitting it very hard, and even if the tank tries to run they will be gripped back and still crushed.

Massive smash grips all players into melee range, rooting them and the only way out is to destroy the chains binding players. Do this before the smash goes off in order to survive. Root breaking abilities and immune CDs will also work to deal with these mechanics and will likely be required as the key level goes higher.

Soggodon will also deal a large AoE splash of damage.

Executioner Varruth

Executioner Varruth's unique aura is Thanatophobia, causing players to receive 50% less healing.

Varruth Decapitates the tank dealing a high amount of damage and leaving a bleed.

He will also charge a player dealing high physical damage to all those around the target and leaving a short bleed.

Wave of Terror will fear all players not within 8 yards of each other, meaning players will need to stack and then split depending on what mechanic is up next.

After defeating each mini-boss players will be able to select an anima power from the downed boss, exactly how it works in Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

This is an interesting affix and it will be exciting to see the strategies players come up with to deal with each lieutenant or even how to deal with multiple auras left on the final boss of a dungeon.

Season 2 also brings with it the newly designed mythic+ rating system that has been developed by Blizzard.

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