Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Mythic+ Score System Explained

Many World of Warcraft players will be familiar with the add-on, which has an inbuilt mythic+ score system that allows players to show off how high they can push each mythic+ dungeon.

Blizzard, like many times before, has seen the success of this addon and decided to implement it into the game as a core feature.

The community wants more leaderboards added to the game, and ways for the higher-end players to show off their skills, and this is a step in the right direction.

Latest News

06/15/2021 - Blizzard has released their blog post detailing the complete mythic+ score system and has included a new feature that rewards the whole team bonus valor points if anyone in the group upgrades their score.

Season 2 rewards have also made their way to the PTR.

  • Season 2 Keystone Conqueror will award players with "the Tormented" title.
  • Season 2 Keystone Master will award a reskin mount variation of the season 1 Deathwalker mount.

Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Mythic+ Score System Explained

After completion of a mythic+ dungeon, the system will track if the key was completed within the time limit and award a score based on the performance.

There will be different scores for tyrannical weeks, separate from fortified, which is a good addition that the system did not include.

This way players will likely choose to attempt higher keys on a tyrannical week when previously it was considered a "dead week".

Players will be able to find their own score and progress in their mythic+ tab in-game.

The score will show up in the premade group finder and players will be able to set a limit of who can apply.

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Valor Points were added into the game with patch 9.0.5 and allowed players to upgrade gear they received from mythic+ dungeons, and all you needed to do was have completed a mythic+ keystone at the required level.

This is slightly changing in Chains of Domination, where players will now need a minimum score required to upgrade pieces of gear.

While the different tiers are still being adjusted on the PTR, if you can complete most keys at a +15 level you should be fine.

The team revealed that Blizzard reached out to them while working on the new feature, so we can expect a well-polished system that works similar to how the system has worked the last 4 years.

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