WoW Shadowlands How To Get Legendary Items

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Legendary Items have been re-introduced with the release of the latest World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands.

Players can craft powerful legendary items which will increase some of their classes' unique abilities.


To start you need to acquire the legendary power, which can come from multiple sources. To navigate to the list of powers, press Shift-J (by default) on your keyboard to open the adventure guide.

Open the final tab called "Powers" and you will see a list of all the Powers available to your character.

Hovering over an unobtained power will tell you information about the legendary including what benefits it provides and where you can obtain it.


WoW Shadowlands How To Get Legendary Items

Legendaries can be obtained from many different activities throughout the shadowlands. Here is a list of activities that reward them:

  • Dungeon bosses
  • World boss reward
  • Reputation vendor purchases
  • PvP vendor purchases
  • Torghast, Tower of the Damned layer 3 boss drop
  • Raid Boss drop
  • Quest reward for looting the weekly vault

New in Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination

Covenant-specific legendaries have been introduced to the game, and are available upon reaching Renown level 48.

These powers will benefit the ability of your chosen covenant.


Before you can be eligible for a Legendary Power drop, you need to complete the introduction quest to unlock the Runecarver.

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This can be done simply by following the Maw story upon reaching level 60, which starts as the player jumps into the Ring of Trancendance which is on the second layer of Oribos.

Once you land you need to talk to Ve'nari which will start the questline to enter into Torghast. After you complete the quest which frees the Runecarver, you will now begin to receive these legendary powers from the activities listed above.