WoW Classic TBC What Are The Best Classes For PvE

With the release of World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic just around the corner, players are looking to change their characters from the Classic era, to fit in with the new meta.

The good thing about TBC is that class balance is probably the best it has ever been.

Raids in TBC work differently than classic and are reduced down in size from 40 players to 25 players, and 10 players for Karazhan and Zul'Aman.

Every class has a spot in the raid for the unique roles they bring, so at the end of the day, play what you enjoy playing.

Other than that here are the top-performing DPS classes for those looking to top the meters.

S Tier

Warlock: The clear winner of TBC damage. Warlocks have extremely high single target damage and very good AOE damage with seed of corruption which is learned at level 70. Different Specialisations can be played with Destruction and Demonology, however, the class can be a bit simple with the bulk of the damage coming from shadowbolt.

Beast Mastery Hunter: We will separate BM and survival, as they are used for different roles. BM has the highest single target damage in the game, with help from their pets. The changes to BM make the uptime of your abilities high and the best gear you can wear for a long time comes from normal dungeons. Avoidance is a new pet stat added that can be trained to reduce all AOE damage they take by 50% making pets live longer than they did in classic raids. BM suffers from not having a lot of AOE abilities.

A Tier

Mage: All mage specs perform to a decent level, however, Arcane and fire come out ahead of frost by a small amount. After mages had is good in Classic, they will still stay at the top however now the warlock is the king caster.

Combat Rogue: The underdog of TBC. While they don't bring much raid utility (outside of Imp EA), their damage is somewhat decent and still deserves a spot in the raid. And with Rogues being the strongest PvP class, you are likely to see a few around.

Survival Hunter: Including the survival hunter high in the list, as they are still a competitive DPS spec, that is taking the short end of the stick to benefit the raid. One of the Hunters will play Expose Weakness, a debuff that increases the attack power of all attackers against the target. The damage is noticeably behind the BM Hunter, but the raid members will respect the Survival Hunter.

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B Tier

Shaman: Both shamans can be put into the same group here, being middle of the pack but are still a wanted class for their totems and new ability in TBC Bloodlust.

Balance Druid: After being the worst class in Classic, The balance druid rises quite a bit in damage bringing with it some nice raid utility as well.

Shadow Priest: Shadow continues to be on the lower end of the list just like in Classic, they still bring their shadow weaving debuff for the raid so still bring some use to the raid team. They struggle to perform as well as the Warlock which is their main problem.

C Tier

Warriors: Arms and Fury each bring their own unique benefit to the raid as well as similar damage. Good DPS warriors will still perform at a high level but suffer from being melee in melee unfriendly fights. Their major 30 minute cooldown Recklessness, can be reduced down to 22 minutes which is an improvement but still lets them down for consistant damage burst windows.

Retribution Paladin: Same boat as the Warrior, good play with seal twisting will see good Ret Paladins perform well, but will struggle otherwide.

D Tier

Feral Druid: For now feral will be the lowest DPS in TBC with the current changes to how their power shifting works. Energy ticks have been reduced resulting in a alrge dps loss for them. If Blizzard revert these changes you can expect feral to rise up to fit in around the low B tier.

Remeber, there is a place for most classes in The Burning Crusade so play what you enjoy the most!

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