WoW Classic TBC: How To Make Gold Early In The Burning Crusade

JustGold is the most valuable resource in World of Warcraft, whether you play for PvE, PvP, questing, or purely for making gold, you will want a steady income of gold to aid whatever adventure you are going on.

There are many types of gold farms available to players, varying from raw gold to selling items to other players.


Professions are one of the main sources of old income in the game and can be split up into two categories.


Gathering professions are those that make the player go out into the open world and farm different materials. These include Skinning, Herbalism, Mining, and even secondary professions like Fishing.

Players with gold already will just buy items straight from players or the auction house making these gold farms reliable and a good source of income for your time invested.


Crafting Professions like Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and Tailoring can also be a decent gold-making choice, although many of the crafted items are bind-on-pickup meaning that they cannot be traded.

There are some extra items that can be made from these professions like the Nethercleft Leg Armor, which players will be after.

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Engineers can create an item called Zapthrottle Mote Extractor that can be used to farm motes throughout Outland, but other than this Engineering is not very profitable.

Alchemy is a good personal choice as well as a gold maker, as players will need consumables crafted each week for their raids and other activities.

Enchanting can be extremely rewarding early on if you are able to obtain a rare formula, such as the Mongoose enchant that drops from Moroes in Karazhan. If you do not get rare enchants, you can still make gold by disenchanting any unwanted gear and selling the materials on the Auction House.

Players will also tip for services from players with these professions, so if someone is after something you have, send them a message.

WoW Classic TBC: How To Make Gold Early In The Burning Crusade


Dungeons can be a good raw gold farm from passively looting gold, as well as selling any items you may get, or disenchanting them if you are an enchanter.

Some dungeon in Outland can also drop Fel Armaments and Arcane Tomes which are used to gain reputation with the Aldor and Scryers and later on used for shoulders enchants. Many players will want these and will hold their value for a while to come.

Dark Runes are a consumable that restores mana to the user and is only available from the Scholomance dungeon. These do not share cooldowns with mana potions so players will want to use these if they wish to min/max their mana in raids. These can be traded and sold on the Auction house.


Go back and finish off the quests you didn't complete while leveling!

Upon reaching Max level, you are unable to receive any experience from quests, so that experience is converted into extra gold.

Gold rewards were increased in The Burning Crusade and players who are level 70 only increase that.

This makes farming daily quests later on in the game even more valuable.

There is also the rare chance of receiving a good bind-on-equip item that can sell for a good chunk of gold.

Jut like how Classic evolved over time despite most things being already known we can expect the same to happen in TBC and we may potentially see many new solo dungeons farms discovered that could yield some good gold.

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