WoW Classic TBC: How To Change Talents

The World of Warcraft talent system has seen many changes over the years, and while it does not differ too much from how it worked in Classic Vanilla, there are a few things you should know before you go out in search of a class trainer.

Shattrath is the new main City in The Burning Crusade. And will serve as the main hub for players at max level.

If you thought there would be class trainers in Shattrath, guess again. Players that wish to retrain their talents will have to travel back to one of the original cities and speak with a trainer there.

There is some good news however, once players travel to Shattrath city and complete the introduction questline, three portals will appear to each faction's old Cities, allowing players to travel back quickly.

WoW Classic TBC: How To Change Talents

For Paladin players who leveled on the Horde side, they will need to travel back to Silvermoon City, Orgrimmar, or the Undercity as they have been added to the game. You can talk to a city guard, and they will mark on your map where to go.

And for Alliance Shamans returning to the Exodar, or visiting the new trainers in Stormwind, and Ironforge will allow you to retrain talents.

This also means players will need to return to a major city if they wish to train new skills leveling between 60-70.

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There is still a gold cost every time you change your talents like there was throughout Classic.

The first time you unlearn your talents it will cost you 1G, then raised by 5G each consecutive time so 5G, 10G, 15G, etc…

This will continue all the way until it stops at 50G, and then each time after that it will remain at 50G.

The cost of unlearning talents will go down slowly at a whopping 5G per month down to a minimum of 10G.

Gold is a bit easier to farm in The Burning Crusade so players shouldn’t have a problem spending 100G each week if they would like to PvP and Raid.

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