WoW TBC: How To Get To The Dark Portal

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With the release of The Burning Crusade Classic, players will be returning to the Outland and new players will be adventuring beyond the Dark Portal for the first time.

Unlike how things work in the Shadowlands version of the game, there are no portals or quick travel ways of reaching The Blasted Lands, so here are both options for traveling there for the Horde and the Alliance.



Starting in Orgrimmar, players must take the Zeppelin which is located on the left as you exit the city.

Take the Zeppelin to Grom'gol, and once you arrive take the flight master to Stonard, in the Swamp of Sorrows, located slightly to the east.

Horde players may also purchase a portal from mage players that can teleport them straight to Stonard.


Once there travel south into The Blasted Lands, and follow the map below.

The Blasted Lands Map


The alliance can skip a step and fly directly from Stormwind, taking the flight path straight to Nethergard keep which is located in The Blasted Lands.


Upon landing follow the path on the Blasted Lands map above along the blue path.

For players new to the game, the flight paths must have been discovered before traveling so make sure they are active if you want to start as soon as possible.

If you played through Classic, it is likely these flight paths have already been discovered.

If you are a new player who purchased a boost, (or just a reroll playing a boosted character) all flight points are already discovered so you do not need to worry about traveling beforehand.

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