World Of Warcraft: Recolored Tier 20 Sets Found On The PTR

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The next World of Warcraft patch has hit the PTR this week, and so the data miners have gone to work finding all the hidden spells and new items added into the build.

Data miners have found recolored versions of the tier 20 tier Mythic raid sets that were designed for the Tomb of Sargeras raid in the Legion expansion.


We know that legion Timewalking is being introduced with added Mythic+ supports, although these sets don't exactly fit in as a reward from dungeons, so what could they be for?

Further data hints at the return of the beloved Mage Tower, a solo challenge introduced around the same time as the Tomb of Sargeras raid.

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World Of Warcraft: Recolored Tier 20 Sets Found On The PTR

Tier 20 sets were inspired from the original tier 6 designs which were released in The Burning Crusade during the Black Temple raid where players fought the legendary Illidan Stormrage.


Some of these sets are the most iconic in the history of World of Warcraft and players would welcome another reskin of the Mythic versions.

Many player theories also believe these sets may be tied behind a special Keystone Master achievement for completing all Legion dungeons at a certain level.

Either way, Blizzard is doing a great job listening to player feedback on this patch, and giving players new cosmetic items to work towards will incentivize more players to return and participate in the new content.

The sets were originally found by Wowhead, who does a great job at data mining new content on the PTR.

There is no official announcement that these sets are coming to World of Warcraft, or a release date for the patch so keep an eye out for future updates as the PTR cycle continues.