World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock The Vulpera Allied Race In Shadowlands

One of the new Allied races added to the game in Battle for Azeroth, the Vulpera made their way to character customization in 8.3 for Horde players to play as.

Vulpera is one of the easier races to unlock if you have the time to complete the content.

The first part required to start the process is to have completed the Vol'dun storyline, which awards the Secrets in the sand Achievement.

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As of Shadowlands, Allied races no longer require exalted reputation to begin the questlines.

World Of Warcraft: How To Unlock The Vulpera Allied Race In Shadowlands

Once you have this achievement, you are ready to begin the Vulpera unlock questline.

Travel to Orgrimmar and find the Orgrimmar Embassy, to the west of the Valley of Strength.

Ji Firepaw will start a quest for the player to find the caravan which is currently breaking at Grommash Hold.

Once there talk to Kiro, who will start the questline to join the horde.

You will be tasked to help three Allied races and be sent to Twilight Highlands to help the Mag'har Orcs, Zuldazar to help the Zandalari Trolls, and finally the Nightborne in Suramar.

Once all three Allied races have been assisted, and you have shown the use of the Vulpera to the Horde, Return to Baine in Orgrimmar where the questline will end.

Upon completion, you will receive the Caravan Hyena mount, and the Allied Races: Vulpera Achievement, which will allow players to create a Vulerpa character.

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