World Of Warcraft: Classic Era Servers Now Have A PTR

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Players have begun to notice a new Public Test Realm which has been uploaded to the Blizzard launcher today, this time focusing on Classic Era servers.

Classic Era servers are complete original level 60 vanilla servers, that were created as Burning Crusade Classic was released as a way for fans of the original game to continue playing.


While the servers are live, and players can log on to them, they are currently no different than how they were before TBC launched.

This new PTR could mean nothing at all and Blizzard simply wanted to have multiple options in case they had plans to make updates to Classic Era servers or they are planning new updates soon.

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World Of Warcraft: Classic Era Servers Now Have A PTR

Classic Era PTR screenshot from the Blizzard launcher
Classic Era PTR is now on the Blizzard Launcher

While the Classic Era servers have very limited players, many people believe this PTR could see the beginning of fresh servers, for players to begin anew with no inflated gold, and back to only have Molten Core and Oxyia's Lair available as raids, and progress through the 6 phases again.

There is a side to the community that is asking for Classic+ servers, which would see new content added to vanilla realms that weren't a part of the original game.


This is less likely to be an option, as not as many players would go back to these old servers, and with Burning Crusade Classic starting to release their phase 2 and beyond content, players will prefer to play that and eventually Wrath of the Lich King servers.

The Burning Crusade Classic PTR is continuing to test phase 2 content, so when that has been completed we may see changes to the Classic Era PTR.