Classic TBC: Phase 2 Is Now Live On The Public Test Realm

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After Blizzard announced last week during the finals for the Classic Burning Crusade arena tournament, that the phase 2 PTR would go live next week, it is finally here with all new raids, daily content, and arena season.

Outside of new content, we knew was coming such as the two new raids, the Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard reputations are live on the server with all their daily quests which players were not expecting until phase 3.


The same goes for Druids Swift Flight Form questline, as this came in a later patch during the original Burning Crusade, however, it is currently live on the PTR.

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An update to the PTR has seen tier 4 and 5 tokens now drop multiple at a time which is a change that was never implemented in original TBC, although is a nice quality of life change.

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Classic TBC: Phase 2 Is Now Live On The Public Test Realm

Players can either copy their existing character over to the Public Test Realm or create a new character.

There are unique vendors and trainers in the middle of Shattrath City, so players can buy extra gear they might not have on their main characters to test out or make the content a little bit easier before launch.

We also get to see the new version of the Looking For Group finder that Blizzard said they would be implementing.

The Looking For Group Finder on the PTR that will be coming in Phase 2 of The Burning Crusade Classic
The new Group Finder

While it resembles more of the version we saw 15 years ago, it was a much-needed feature that will help the community find groups outside of their own guilds and friends.

Lastly, guild banks are now in the game, and while there is not much to test here, it is a much-needed feature that is finally coming to the game.

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