World Of Warcraft Classic Era PTR Confirmed To Be A Fresh Server

It has been confirmed that the recently uploaded Classic Era Classic PTR, is in an early phase state, which would see a fresh server opportunity for the players to replay through the history of classic as it was before the release of Burning Crusade Classic.

When Burning Crusade Classic was released, Blizzard also introduced Classic Era servers which served as a complete Vanilla experience with all content released from a snapshot of servers from Classic's lifespan.

Classic Era never took off and most servers are a ghost town, and while there is a small percentage of players that wish to replay Vanilla again, these servers are already "complete".

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World Of Warcraft Classic Era PTR Confirmed To Be A Fresh Server

Now players have had a chance to explore this new PTR build, players have confirmed it is a fresh vanilla server, with phase 1 content in the game, with some exceptions such as Dire Maul.

Fans of vanilla servers have been asking for a fresh experience where players will need to start from scratch, and where there is no gold inflation in the community.

While the servers have since been taken offline, whenever they return we are sure to know more about the direction Blizzard wish to take Classic.

It would make sense for them to release these Classic fresh servers during the downtime of Burning Crusade Classic, however, they need to ensure they do not split the player base into multiple game types, especially with the inevitable release of Wrath of the Lich King servers expected to follow TBC.

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