World First World Of Warcraft Guild Limit Parts Ways With Complexity

The World First raiding guild Limit, has today parted ways with their sponsor org, Complexity after two years, and three raid tiers.

After signing on to Complexity in 2019, Limit was able to dethrone their EU competition and earn the first NA World First kill in 7 years, and create exciting races for the following two years.

There has been no announcement of any new org they will be joining, although many players have been starting to speculate that it could possibly be Team Liquid or 100 Thieves, as Limit's Raid Leader Max has had a close relationship with both in the past, and both companies could benefit from taking in a large World of Warcraft guild to run events for.

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World First World Of Warcraft Guild Limit Parts Ways With Complexity

Having a larger organization behind a WoW guild is a big deal in the current era of bleeding-edge raiding, as lately, guilds have taken to streaming progress and turning them into community events, that often pull in a large number of viewers which any organization would want to be a part of.

The next race, the Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid tier of Shadowlands and is expected to be a big event, and if Limit has a big name behind them this year, it could make for the best race and coverage yet.

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