New Cosmetic Mawsworn Transmog Items Available From Torghast In Patch 9.2

New Mawsworn weapon Transmogs have been found on Patch 9.2 PTR, which are replica cosmetic items that take the form of weapons that the Mawsworn use throughout the Maw.

Unique weapons such as these normally don't get added to the game until a later date, such as the Legion Nighborne Timewalking rewards that came 2 expansions later.

Each of these Transmog items can be purchased from brokers on Layers 13 and above inside of Torghast in exchange for phantasma earned during that run.

Players can earn Crossbows, Polearms, Staves, Two-Handed Maces, and Two-Handed Swords.

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New Cosmetic Mawsworn Transmog Items Available From Torghast In Patch 9.2

Currently, in patch 9.1.5 all players can purchase from these brokers are reskinned backpieces and shoulders found elsewhere, so it is good to see more cosmetic items make it to the vendor in Eternity's End.

These weapons are well-designed unique models, which will give Torghast another reason to be completed in 9.2, especially after Blizzard confirmed that new Legendary items will not require Torghast currency to upgrade.

Players earn Phantasma, the currency required to purchase these items, from defeating enemies and looting bonuses chests and urns inside of a single run of Torghast, so players will need to save up and hold off buying anima powers to afford these items.

There is also a new Challenge mode coming to Torghast in Eternity's End, and players could see more of these skins added to the list of rewards from completing this new mode.

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