Will Shadowlands Have A Patch 9.1.5?

Shadowlands Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination is completely out this week as Mythic has opened and the top guilds have entered the Sanctum of Domination to see who will be the first to take down Sylvanas Windrunner.

Now we know the fate of Sylvanas, people are starting to question what the rest of the shadowlands will look like, but with no information to go off other than the Jailer is going somewhere to accomplish his goal nobody knows what the future holds.

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Blizzard has confirmed patch 9.1.5 and will feature many quality of life changes based on player feedback including the ability to switch covenant and the introduction of Legion Timewalking with Mythic+ enabled.

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Will Shadowlands Have A Patch 9.1.5?

Shadowlands will likely have a patch 9.1.5, although we do not know what exactly that will involve.

Many people believe we will see Legion Timewalking added into the rotation, just like we have seen from the previous 1.5 patches during the last two expansions.

We will also expect to see some bug and system fixes that may arise over the next few months.

With no idea what the future of the shadowlands has in store, it is impossible to guess where we go from here.

We were left with more questions than answers after the completion of the Sanctum of Domination.

So when can we expect patch 9.1.5?

Well historically, they normally come around 3 months after the previous patch, which puts us at an early October release date.

My predictions are 9.1.5 will include updates to the Hallow's End holiday event, as we did not get anything last year and this timeframe lines up perfectly for Blizzard to do this.

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We would have normally heard updates for Patch 9.2 at Blizzcon, but since it is delayed until early next year, this could push back the release dates for all upcoming content, unless Blizzard plans to announce 9.2 during another event before the end of this year.

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