World Of Warcraft Hallow's End 2021: Start Times, Cosmetics, Achievements, Events, And More

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Hallow's End is World of Warcraft's annual Halloween event. Featuring achievements and cosmetics such as transmog, pets, and mounts, some are only available during the two weeks this event is active each year.

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Within the lore, Hallow's End began as a holiday event that the humans of Lordaeron celebrated to end the harvest season, but also marks the date where the Forsaken broke free from the control of the Lich King.

Latest News

1 October 2021

It's now officially October and the spooky season is nearly here. Get ready for some Halloween high jinx coming very soon to WOW.


When Is Hallow's End in World of Warcraft

Hallow's End will take place from October 18th and will last until the 1st of November.


New Content Coming in 2021

Blizzard has yet to share any information regarding this year's Hallow's End, however, based on previous years, we can expect at minimum some new Halloween-themed pets, toys, and costumes.

2020 only saw the minimum level lowered to receive the Horseman's Reins mount, to accommodate the level squish brought forward in Shadowlands.

The Shadowlands Pre-patch launched just a week before Hallow's End in 2020, so this could be a reason why we didn't receive anything new.

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What is there to do in Hallow's End?

Many players will be chasing the elusive Horseman's Reins, a unique mount dropped from defeating the Headless Horseman each day, which can be queued for in the dungeon finder.


Hallowed Be Thy Name is the Hallow's End meta-achievement that can only be completed during these two weeks of the year, and awards "the Hallowed" title.

Brooms! The best part of Hallow's End is the instant cast flying mounts that are rewards from completing content, although they are only available during the two weeks, they are always a highlight.

Players will travel around Azeroth and beyond, trick or treating at candy buckets located at each Innkeeper and completing daily quests to earn Tricky Treats.

Tricky Treats act as the currency for Hallow's End and can be exchanged for goods at vendors outside Stormwind and Undercity (most likely Orgrimmar now that the Undercity has been destroyed).

The Wickerman event is an RP event each hour where Sylvanas and Greymane witness the burning of the Wickerman giving players a buff.

This may be a little tricky this year, seeing as Sylvanas is currently in the custody of the Allied forces in the Shadowlands...

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Shade of the Horseman event

The most iconic event during the Hallow's End celebration.

Each hour a Shade of the Horseman attacks Goldshire, Kharanos, or Azure Watch for Alliance or Razor Hill, Falconwing Square, or Brill for Horde and will attempt to burn the villages down.

Players will be asked by the villagers to put the fires out and upon completing the event will be rewarded with a gift that can contain candy, masks, and brooms.

Is Hallow's End in Classic and TBC?

Updates - Hallow's End is now live and the buffs and candy have been confirmed to work inside of Classic TBC raids.

Players can complete a few quests, some that require you to crash the other factions' celebrations, complete some apple bobbing which grants extra stamina, and have a chance to loot a unique bag from certain high-level monsters.


TBC introduced the Headless Horseman event, which allows players to form a group to take the Headless Horseman down, for a chance at the Horseman's Reins, among many other rewards.

They can also still receive the Wickerman buff, although it may not be as useful in TBC as it was in Classic as world buffs are no longer a thing.

We hope to see more content added this year, and the timing may be in our favor.

Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination was launched at the end of June, which gives us roughly 4 months until Hallow's End, and with no news on a patch 9.2, we could potentially see patch 9.1.5 launch around this time with small updates to the game bringing with it new content for Hallow's End.