Valor and Conquest Caps Removed Alongside Patch 9.1.5

One of the many undocumented changes that arrived with the new patch is the removal of Valor and Conquest point caps, which will make it easier for players returning to the game or alt characters to gear up in 9.1.5.

Originally, these currencies were only able to be obtained at a set limit per week, and each week that they are not earned builds onto the next until the end of a major patch. Now Players are free to farm as much as they want without ever reaching the cap.

This change will likely help players returning to the game and people taking part in a lot of Legion Timewalking Mythic+ in December as that will award Valor Points, and upgradable gear.

Conquest gains were also increased going into 9.1.5, which will help PvP focused players catch up.

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Valor and Conquest Caps Removed Alongside Patch 9.1.5

Screenshot of an undocumented change with patch 9.1.5 which has conquest and valor point no longer having a cap in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Valor points no longer have a cap in patch 9.1.5
"Early in a season, it’s beneficial to pace gear acquisition by adding a maximum amount of Conquest and Valor that can be earned weekly to prevent having a dominant advantage by playing an excessive amount of hours in PvP and Mythic+. As the weeks go by and the cap increases, we reach a point where there’s no longer a dominant advantage in gear acquisition with grinding Conquest and Valor and it’s friendlier to simply remove the cap entirely for those who are catching up or gearing alts until the next season begins. We’ve reached that point and have removed the Conquest and Valor caps for the rest of Season 2." Blizzard say.

Once season 2 ends, all excess points will be converted into gold and players will start again for season 3, and we hope to see the cap removed again for future seasons after a set period to allow players to catch up as much as they like.

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