The Top Races For Each DPS Specialization In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Players are always drawn to the strongest race for their class, with some races offering extra DPS, and some extra utility, here are the top races for each Specialization based on DPS for each Faction.

Before we start, it is important to note that these gains can make up less than 1% DPS (sometimes a few DPS), and sometimes the utility options can outway the DPS depending on the type of content players are completing.

If all you care about is Warcraftlog rankings, this list is for you, and if not pick whatever race appeals to you the most or one that has a unique ability such as Night Elves and Shadowmeld.

All rankings are based on Bloodmallet simulations, which you can view yourself to make a better-informed decision.

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The Top Races For Each DPS Specialization In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Death Knight

  • Blood: Lightforged Draenei / Undead
  • Frost: Void Elf / Tauren
  • Unholy: Human / Troll

Demon Hunter

  • Vengeance: Night Elf / Blood Elf
  • Havoc: Night Elf / Blood Elf


  • Feral: Night Elf / Tauren
  • Guardian: Worgen / Tauren
  • Balance: Kul Tiran / Troll


  • Beast Mastery: Dwarf / Tauren
  • Marksmanship: Void Elf / Tauren
  • Survival: Mechagnome / Troll


  • Arcane: Dark Iron Dwarf / Troll
  • Fire: Dwarf / Troll
  • Frost: Dwarf / Goblin


  • Brewmaster: Void Elf / Vulpera
  • Windwalker: Mechagnome / Orc


  • Protection: Lightforged Draenei / Tauren
  • Retribution: Dark Iron Dwarf / Tauren


  • Shadow: Mechagnome / Goblin


  • Assassination: Mechagnome / Zandalari Troll with Paku Spirit
  • Outlaw: Night Elf / Blood Elf
  • Subtlety: Mechagnome / Blood Elf


  • Elemental: Dwarf / Tauren
  • Enhancement: Kul Tiran / Goblin


  • Affliction: Mechagnome / Orc
  • Demonology: Mechagnome / Orc
  • Destruction: Mechagnome / Goblin


  • Arms: Mechagnome / Troll
  • Fury: Gnome / Troll
  • Protection: Human / Goblin

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