Same-Faction Battlegrounds Are Coming To The Burning Crusade Classic

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Blizzard has announced an upcoming test to try and fix the current faction imbalance resulting in long queue times for Horde players.

Blizzard said they have been monitoring the situation for the past few weeks and were deciding how to address the situation.

They have found through data and conversation in the community that players want to continue playing their chosen faction, while not having to sit through long queue times or have any type of complicated system in place to get into a battleground.

The war games feature has been tweaked to allow faction vs faction battlegrounds, where it already had the design features that allowed players of the same faction to play against each other.

Same-Faction Battlegrounds Are Coming To The Burning Crusade Classic

Alterac Valley will be excluded as it was never set up to be a part of war games.

Players on their opposite factions side in a game will receive a unique tabard and mask to differentiate them from the other team.

The test goes live Friday, July 2nd, and will be active over the weekend until the next weekly reset on the 6th.

Blizzard will return the queue system to normal and analyze the data they receive over the weekend before they decide what to do going forward.

The team is actively looking for feedback regarding this feature and is asking players to visit the forums to let them know player thoughts.

Community reception so far is quite split, so Blizzard will look closely at how this feature performs in-game, as well as how players feel.

Blizzard recently made a change where oceanic battlegrounds would merge with NA servers during the pre-patch of TBC, and due to vocal feedback chose to revert the change and analyze queue times going forward.

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