All PvP Gear Changes Coming With Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5

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Blizzard is implementing a round of PvP gear changes with patch 9.1.5, which will see lower item level pieces scale higher in PvP combat, the addition of more ranks, and lower cost to upgrade unrated gear.

These new changes will help new players or fresh characters feel more competitive once inside of PvP combat, especially in battlegrounds as players are often fighting against others more geared than themselves.


All these changes will go live on the 2nd of November when Shadowlands patch 9.1.5 will go live.

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All PvP Gear Changes Coming With Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5

New Rating Rated Rank ILvL PvP ILvL
1000Rank 2 (Combatant I)226239
1200Rank 3 (Combatant II)229242
1400Rank 4 (Challenger I)233246
1600Rank 5 (Challenger II)236249
1800Rank 6 (Rival I)239252
1950Rank 7 (Rival II)242255
2100Rank 8 (Duelist)246259
2400Rank 9 (Elite)249259
Unrated PvP Upgrade ILvL PvP ILvL
Step 1184216
Step 2190220
Step 3 (Renown 44)197223
Step 4203226
Step 5 (Renown 59)210229
Step 6216233

On top of straight PvP item level changes, the honor cost to upgrade unrated gear will be reduced by around 25%, and Conquest costs will be redistributed to account for the addition of new ranks.

On top of new gearing changes, there will be small tuning changes to classes across the board which can be found in the 9.1.5 patch notes.


The biggest draw to the patch is the removal of Covenant restrictions, with players now able to freely switch their Covenants once at least one character on their account has achieved 80 renown.

This change directly affects PvP players, as it may see the participation levels increase inside of PvP game modes, as people will be able to finally try out all four of their classes covenants with no penalty.