New World Of Warcraft Quality Of Life Features Added To The 9.1.5 PTR

After the World of Warcraft patch, 9.1.5 PTR went live last week, Blizzard has updated the client with the first set of changes as part of the upcoming patch.

Outside of a few class buffs and Venthyr weekly event changes, there have been quite a few small, much-needed quality of life features added to the current build.

These changes will not only help new players returning to the game but also those who have been constantly playing patch 9.1 chains of domination.

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New World Of Warcraft Quality Of Life Features Added To The 9.1.5 PTR

To highlight the top features in today's patch notes, we first start off with an increased drop rate of Shards of domination gems, which has already seen an increase after a recent update made it so one guaranteed will drop of Sylvanas each week.

Players will be awarded more soul cinders each run of Torghast and weekly Torments in the Maw, which is a currency to upgrade legendary items from rank 4 all the way to 6.

Repeating wings of Torghast will now award 100% of soul ash (up from 20%), which will make farming new legendary powers faster.

Another big change is a new item called the Broker Mark of Distinction has been added which can be purchased once the player has reached 80 renown on at least one character. This item allows players to instantly reach level 40 renown without needing to farm from 1 to 80.

The final notable change is players who list a group in the group finder can now browse other options while still listed.

All these changes and more can be found on the patch 9.1.5 development thread on the World of Warcraft Forums.

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