New Changes Are Coming To Molten Core And Onyxia's Lair In The Classic Season Of Mastery

The first round of tier 1 raid testing has ended for the Season of Mastery, and Blizzard has announced further plans to change some of the mechanics from old raids, coming when raid testing returns later this week.

After starting off with small changes last week, Blizzard added old mechanics back to bosses and buffed the health of all mobs and bosses by 100%.

"As a result, with the next upcoming Beta build, we’re making some significant adjustments to almost every encounter in Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair." Community Manager Kaivax said on the Forums.

These changes will hopefully provide a fresh experience for players while still staying true to the original encounters from Vanilla World of Warcraft.

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New Changes Are Coming To Molten Core And Onyxia's Lair In The Classic Season Of Mastery

One of the main criticisms players had behind flat increase on boss health, was classes are severely lacking mana and mana regeneration in Classic World of Warcraft, and the longer boss fights just create an unenjoyable encounter.

"We don’t intend these or any future changes we make to Season of Mastery raid encounters to increase the difficulty of the content to a point where experienced, prepared raid groups will have to wipe for days or weeks to progress on it. We also don’t intend to change the fights so much that they become completely unrecognizable or fundamentally different from their Classic versions." The Classic WoW Team says.

The second raid test is set to go live again on Thursday the 28th of October, at 2:00 pm PDT and will be live for the weekend.

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