Hardcore Support Confirmed For The Season Of Mastery

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After finding new spell IDs last week that hinted at new Hardcore Iron Man support coming to the new WoW Classic Season of Mastery, Blizzard has now uploaded the new patch to the beta where the new hardcore mechanics have been implemented.

Players can now obtain a buff from two new High Elf Watchers in Ironforge and the Undercity, depending on their faction called the Soul of Iron.

The new buff to show a player has not died in the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Proof a player has not been slain in the Season of Mastery.

The Soul of Iron shows a player has not been slain in combat (or the environment) and is proof that they are a hardcore character.

Once a player has died, the buff will then turn into a debuff called Tarnished Soul, which reduced all stats by 1%, and shows that the character has failed the challenge.

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Hardcore Support Confirmed For The Season Of Mastery

Since players need to venture to these cities to gain the buff, the question is asked if the system can be cheated by not accepting the buff until a later level, although this is not the case as any death prior to receiving the buff will still fail the challenge.

Players can remove the debuff by returning to the NPC who granted the buff, although this does not mean that they can start the challenge again.

Players who have not died are also granted a unique spell that does the /flex emote and turns them into stone to show off their commitment to the challenge.


Alliance players can visit Chronicler Fero in the Library in Ironforge, and Horde players can travel to the Undercity and speak with Chronicler Morta who resides in the Apothecarium.

Chronicler Morta is found in the Undercity for Horde players to gain the Soul of Iron hardcore buff for the WoW Classic Season of Mastery.
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Chronicler Morta is found in the Undercity for Horde players

There is no word from Blizzard if there will be dedicated hardcore servers at this point, so players should expect to play on normal servers where they can continue playing their character even after it has failed the challenge.