Legion Raids Are Now Easier To Solo In Patch 9.1.5

One of the biggest changes coming to patch 9.1.5 is the addition of legacy loot rules to Legion content, meaning players are guaranteed multiple items for each boss instead of the personal loot system having a chance to award one.

The issue many players had is that the scaling for Legion raids was too high meaning players were unable to complete these fights as solo players.

In this week's PTR build, both Mythic Antorus and Nighthold had some of their harder bosses adjusted so players were able to clear the instances by themselves.

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Legion Raids Are Now Easier To Solo In Patch 9.1.5

In the Nighthold raid, the final boss Gul'dan has had his final phase nerfed with the final phase adds no longer stunning players.

Antorus has seen multiple bosses nerfed starting with Imonar the Soulhunter, seeing a small change to pet classes not being targeting by the 12-second sleep debuff anymore as solo players were not affected by the sleep already.

Coven of Shivara is a council fight that required each boss to be apart from each other which is impossible as a solo player, so now if there is only one character in the raid, they will not gain the debuff if next to each other.

Aggramar has seen his knockback reduced to 15 yards meaning players will no longer get knocked off the platform, however, there is still a DPS check that must be made on the fight.

Argus saw a minimal change to his stacking scythe debuff now stacking up more slowly.

The Essence of Eonar encounter is still painful for classes to solo without movement speed abilities, and it is not confirmed if it will see any further changes.

These are the first major Legion raid changes for the patch, so it may be possible to see more encounters become easier before the patch goes live.

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