Kael'thas Threat Drop Bug Fixed On Burning Crusade Classic

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Blizzard has published a list of Burning Crusade Classic hotfixes today which has a fix for the threat issues caused by the mind control on Kael'thas and Lady Vashj in the two new raids of phase 2.

Many players are still reporting the issue after the post went live, but Blizzard previously said the bug would require a restart before it would be fixed.

The patch notes do not clarify if the change is currently in or when there will be a restart, so players will need to keep their eyes on a surprise shutdown on Friday, or potentially need to wait for the weekly reset on Tuesday.


Players had reported the bug namely on Kael'thas but it appears to be a threat wipe when any enemy would mind control a target, no matter if it was a trash mob or a raid boss.

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Kael'thas Threat Drop Bug Fixed On Burning Crusade Classic

Blizzard also has fixed a bug causing disenchanted items to not appear on the Item Restoration page for players to self-restore. As long as the player has the materials it disenchanted into, they will now be able to restore that item.

Some NPC's went missing around the world with the new patch, and have now been restored.

And finally, there was an issue with Druids flight form not using Skyguard Bombs or Skyguard Blasting Charges during their respective quests as part of the new factions in phase 2.