How To Restore A Deleted Item In World Of Warcraft

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Nothing is worse than looking for an item only to find out you have accidentally sold or deleted it. Fear not as there is a simple solution anyone can use to restore multiple pieces of gear.

To start, Visit the Item Restoration page on the website, and log in to your account.


Once you have logged in, click the "begin item restoration" button, which will take you to your realm list.

Find the realm your character is on and select it. From here you can see all the items you once had (note, items last a limited time here).

Select all the items you wish to restore and you can see them appear in a side box to the right of the screen.

How To Restore A Deleted Item In World Of Warcraft

Underneath this box, you will be asked to review your selection, and from there you can choose to finish the restoration process.

After the restoration is complete, simply log back onto the character who requested the items and everything will have been sent to your mailbox.

The item restoration feature may only be used every 7 days, so choose all the items you want to restore in one go.


Items will be exchanged for the gold they were sold for, or items that were disenchanted will require the materials before a player may receive them.

Items you cannot restore are:

  • Items you recently deleted until you log out.
  • Stackable crafting materials
  • Consumables
  • Collectables
  • Temporary items (holiday items for example)
  • Items traded or mailed to another character
  • Items sold on the Auction House
  • Items sold or destroyed before a character transfer or faction change.

Both Classic and Shadowlands players can use this feature.


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