How To Get Infinite Hearthstones Without A Group In World Of Warcraft: Classic

Since World of Warcraft: Classic promotes players to explore and travel the world on foot more so than the current Shadowlands version of the game, many players began looking for ways to make this process easier, which especially helps players travel between major cities, like Shattrath and Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

It was a popular method in Classic to have another player invite you to a group, and then enter a dungeon and leave the group, which would teleport the player out of the dungeon despite both players being in different zones, and despite players, hearthstones being on cooldown.

This script will create a group resulting in a fake party, and then make the player leave resulting in the "you are not in this instance's group" kicking the player after one minute and teleporting them to their hearthstone.

The script originally made by Reddit user Ketho can be found below, and it is suggested to save it as a macro for future use.

/run InviteUnit("a"); C_Timer.After(1, LeaveParty)

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How To Get Infinite Hearthstones Without A Group In World Of Warcraft: Classic

The only thing is, players will need to be close to a dungeon to perform this, so Orgrimmar and Stormwind are perfect as they both contain dungeons.

This is a good option for players traveling between Shattrath and Azeroth to use things like the Auction House, especially if a hearthstone is already on cooldown for an hour.

This script can be used on all Classic versions of the game including The Burning Crusade and the new Season of Mastery.

Since this has been a known workaround for many years, Blizzard is unlikely to make any adjustments to the mechanic, although if they do, only the script may be disabled, and players will need to go back to inviting other players or a second account.

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