How To Create An Arena Team In The Burning Crusade Classic

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The Arena season 1 is now live on all Classic TBC realms meaning players can now begin creating area teams and competing in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 arena game modes.

Unlike the recent World of Warcraft expansions, players must create a team before they are eligible to queue for rated arenas.

Players must buy a charter from an arena master and have their teammates sign it much like a guild charter.

There are three NPC's you can buy these charters from.

  • "King" Dond - Located at The Ring of Trials in Nagrand
  • Steamwheedle Sam - Located at the Circle of Blood in Blades Edge Mountains
  • Bip Nigstrom - Located at Gadgetzan in Tanaris

Each NPC will sell a charter for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 arena teams and it will cost 80 gold, 120 gold, and 200 gold respectively.

How To Create An Arena Team In The Burning Crusade Classic

Once you have created a name, purchased the charter, and had each of your teammates sign it, you can return to one of the above Arena Organizers and your team will be complete.

All three locations have arena Battlemasters who you must talk to in order to queue for an arena match.

There are also vendors here who sell arena gear or have information on where to go to purchase gear.

Players must have the minimum number of signatures based on the bracket they are creating, but they can invite up to double the amount of players total, meaning a 3v3 team can have 6 players on it.

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