When Does Phase 2 Of The Burning Crusade Classic Come Out?

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The Burning Crusade has been confirmed to be 5 content patches long, with each new phase bringing in a new raid and PvP season just like it did back in the original release.

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Phase 2 will go live on the PTR beginning with the week of July 27th. A month-long PTR lands at our predicted date of the end of August release for the live patch.

Phase 2 has been confirmed to release on the 15th of September, with patch 2.5.2 content and the two news raids.

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When Does Phase 2 Of The Burning Crusade Classic Come Out?

Phase two brings with it two new raids, Serpenshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, as well as the second arena season of World of Warcraft.

There is no set date announced from Blizzard, but we can take a guess and expect to see it three months from the release of Phase 1, which puts us at the end of August or early September.

Shadowlands will see their first major patch launch before then, meaning there won't be any overlap between games, which the company has previously stated they want to avoid so players who want to experience both, can.

During the early Classic timeline, we saw Blizzard introduce content from upcoming phases between major releases, such as the Dire Maul dungeons coming in a 1.5 patch instead of the planned phase 2 launch.

This means there is a possibility that we may see some of the content planned to come later, release similar to this, however, Blizzard is unlikely to release a PvP season early as it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to mess with the timeframe of rewards.

While there is no date announced from Blizzard, the late August Early September prediction does not seem too unrealistic based on the history of classic.


We will provide further updates when we have confirmation from Blizzard.

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