History Of The Race To World First Events In World Of Warcraft

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With Mythic Sanctum of Domination opening after this week's maintenance, World of Warcraft's top guilds will race to see who can defeat Sylvanas Windrunner first and claim bragging rights for the remainder of the raid tier.

Many top guilds will hold their own "Race to World First" events, and broadcast their progress live as they make their way through the raid, which typically lasts for one to two weeks.

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There weren't always events held like this though. The idea of a "Race to World First" has been around since the early days of "vanilla" World of Warcraft, and many guilds always chose to not stream their progress as they did not want to give other guilds information on where they were at progress wise or leak unique strategies that they had come up with.

This changed going into Battle for Azeroth, with top guilds like Method and Limit, deciding to hold in-person events and live stream their progress to the world.

History Of The Race To World First Events In World Of Warcraft


Method was the first guild to defeat G'huun in Uldir, which was the first time a boss was killed live on stream for a world first. Limit was a close second and potentially could have won if they had decided to reclear the raid for the extra gear, instead of extending.

Battle of Dazar'alor

Battle of Dazar'alor was up next, with Method showing another strong progress tier defeating Lady Jaina Proudmoore first, and Limit trailing behind yet again.


Crucible of Storms

A short two-boss raid saw a new champion rise, European guild Pieces who are always a top 5 finisher, claimed the number one spot. While some guilds were competing in the MDI and the short raid only having 2 bosses, this doesn't take away their accomplishment, as the final boss Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void is considered one of the hardest bosses of recent times.

The Eternal Palace

Another close fight between Method and Limit ended with Method taking another World First victory.

Ny'alotha, the Waking City

Complexity Limit was finally able to overthrow Method and take out the first kill of N'zoth, the Corrupter with a convincing performance.

Limit also popualrized the "21st man" raid leader strategy during Ny'alotha which other guilds would adopt in the future.


Castle Nathria

The majority of the Method roster left the organization during the break between expansions and formed their own team called "Echo". Echo and Complexity Limit was again the top performers of the raid, although Limit were by far the better performers as they took out the back-to-back world firsts.

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With the upcoming Sanctum of Domination raid set to kick off this week, we can see a more stable Echo team hungry for victory, a Complexity Limit striving to make it three in a row, a new Method team ready to compete again, a Chinese super-team created solely to win a world first, and many more contenders.

This race should be an exciting one, so be sure to tune in to see who can defeat Sylvanas Windrunner first.