First Look At Zereth Mortis And All Its Outdoor Activities Coming In Eternity's End

The Patch 9.2 PTR is ready for players to begin testing, and Blizzard has published a set of Patch Notes detailing what we can expect from the first test build, including the first look at what Zereth Mortis has to offer.

"Zereth Mortis was created by the First Ones as a workshop to create afterlives. Its denizens—the automa—have built all that exists in the Shadowlands. It is a strange, otherworldly location that defies all concepts of reality or physics. The Jailer intends to use the secrets of Zereth Mortis to reshape reality and bend it to his malevolent will." Zereth Mortis is Described as by Blizzard

Players will encounter a new reputation once they have arrived at Zereth Mortis through the new 9.2 campaign, where they will meet the Enlightened, a group of Brokers who have lived on the land for a long time.

The automa is also a new race player's will encounter, who speaks a musical language that cannot be understood by mortal races. Over time players will learn to understand this language as they cooperate with a friend they make upon arriving who is a part of the automa.

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First Look At Zereth Mortis And All Its Outdoor Activities Coming In Eternity's End

Understanding this new language means access to the secrets of Zereth Mortis, which will unlock more zone activities, daily quests, events, and rewards.

A new world boss will be found in Zereth Mortis called Antros, Keeper of the Antecedents who can be found on the Antecedent Isle, and will be active after players complete the second chapter of the 9.2 Campaign.

Also tied behind the second chapter, are new world quests, which gives players a reason to complete the questline early, and not have to wait until the last chapter to unlock things.

There will be unique questlines in Haven and Dimensional Falls, which appear to be two towns in each biome apart of Zereth Mortis.

As always there will be new rares and treasured to explore, and with confirmed flying in the zone, it shouldn't be too much of an issue navigating.

Expect more information in the coming weeks as the PTR is explored and Blizzard begins to add more content, before the full release early next year.

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