First Look At The New PvP Trinkets Coming In Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

Eternity's End brings with it the third and final Season of Shadowlands, which will bring in three new trinkets to the PvP meta, which will hopefully shake things up a bit.

PvP players will need to buy and upgrade these new trinkets and select two they wish to use to take full effect of the 2-set bonuses they bring while inside of a PvP environment.

There is even a new 2-set bonus in season 3, which is called Gladiator's Distinction, which will increase Stamina and Primary Stat of the player when inside Arenas, Battlegrounds, or engaged in War-Mode.

And as always, the old season 2 trinkets will get a bump in item level, which includes your classic stun removal medallion, and stat proc trinkets.

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First Look At The New PvP Trinkets Coming In Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

The following trinkets were data mined by Wowhead from the Early PTR which has not gone live yet, so expect changes to be made to the following trinkets based on testing.

Cosmic Gladiator's Devouring Malediction - Use: Drain up to 5528 absorption from all nearby enemies over 3 sec, then unleash it in a 15 yd cone in front of you as healing absorption. (2 min Cooldown)

Cosmic Gladiator's Eternal Aegis - Use: Activate the defenses, absorbing 50% of all damage taken, up to 13746, persisting for 1 min. Cosmic damage is fully absorbed. (2 min Cooldown.

Cosmic Gladiator's Resonator - Use: Throw the cosmic resonator which explodes after 4 sec, dealing9224 Cosmic damage split between all nearby enemies. Damage is increased for each enemy struck, up to 5 enemies.

These trinkets feature cosmic damage, which seems to be a common trend moving into Zereth Mortis, and we possibly will see more cosmic damage from other sources.

This comes after the announcement of two new Shadowlands-themed arenas were announced, to come with patch 9.2, so there is a lot to look forward to for PvP players.

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