Two New Shadowlands Themed Arenas Coming With Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

Eternity's End will see the addition of two new Shadowlands-themed arenas, alongside the confirmation of a solo queue brawl, which leaves PvP players with a number of new activities to do in the new patch.

The first Arena is the Maldraxxus Coliseum, which could be found in the center of Maldraxus, but is now open as an Arena for players to prove themselves worthy.

The second is the Enigma Arena, which was created by the First Ones and resides in Zereth Mortis. The playing field can be altered by players and the ever-changing environment may prove to be a belling or a curse depending on which team gets the advantage.

No new Arena was added with the launch of Shadowlands, but it is good to see two new interesting maps being added for fans of the playstyle.

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Two New Shadowlands Themed Arenas Coming With Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

These Arenas will be available for testing on the 9.2 Public Test Realm when it goes live within the next few weeks, although there is no date for it yet.

With the announcement of these two new Arenas, bring something for everyone in the next patch for Shadowlands, and Arena players will even be able to earn Raid Tier Sets from competing in PvP content, and more will be known once the PTR is out.

There is currently no date set for Eternity's End, and players should expect a release date of at least February 2022 or later.

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